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Welcome to Christmas Origami! Here we have collected together some fun origami Christmas models to enjoy with your kids. You can use them to decorate your house, your parcels, or your tree - or you can make Christmas cards and gift tags, fridge magnets, bookmarks ... we are sure you can think of some more good ideas!

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December 16, 2015
Pre Nol (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry

Pre Nol (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry

Designer: Nicolas Terry Folder and Photographer: @Origami_Kids

Difficulty level: Medium Time to fold 60 min. 41 steps. Folded from a one classic Red and White Single Uncut square origami paper, about 60cm x 60cm.

Nicolas Terry: French artist , professional in Origami. After working as an engineer and then as a consultant physician professional development, he directed to the origami his professional activities for several years. Their personal creations allowed him to be invited to many conventions as Japan Origami (Tanteidan), Korea, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France and the United States

How to fold, at the end of the page

How to fold Here!

You can Download the diagrams which Nicolas Terry has generously shared with everyone in their web page Diagram Here!

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December 13, 2015

Origami Exibition in Paris: Architectures de Papier

December 12, 2015
News of an exhibition titled Architectures de Papier featuring real and imaginary, folded and cut paper architectural works to be shown at la Cit de larchitecture & du patrimoine in Paris starting October 11, 2012.

Visitors will discover the origami structures of Ingrid Siliakus, the tragic and romantic sculptures of Peter Callesen, the imaginary cities of Beatrice Coron, the perforated geometric buildings of Stephanie Beck and the urban facades of Mathilde Nivet.

The exhibition Architecture of Paper will be presented to the City of Architecture & Heritage from 11 October 2012. Designers Ingrid Siliakus paper, Mathilde Nivet, Stephanie Beck, Beatrice Coron and Peter Callesen will present their architectural models of folded paper and cut, both real and imaginary constructions, reproductions of iconic buildings.

Visitors will discover the architecture of Ingrid origamic Siliakus, the tragic and romantic sculptures of Peter Callesen, the imaginary cities of Beatrice Coron, cities geometric buildings with perforated Stephanie Beck and facades of urban Mathilde Nivet.

The exhibition Paper Architecture will be held in the City of Architecture and Heritage of 11 October 2012 to March 17, 2013, 1 Place du Trocadero in Paris 16th.


Lexposition Architectures de Papier sera prsente la Cit de larchitecture & du patrimoine partir du 11 octobre 2012.

Les designers papier Ingrid Siliakus, Mathilde Nivet, Stphanie Beck, Batrice Coron et Peter Callesen y exposeront leurs maquettes darchitecture en papier pli et dcoup, constructions imaginaires ou relles, reproductions de btiments emblmatiques.

Les visiteurs pourront y dcouvrir les architectures origamic dIngrid Siliakus, les sculptures tragiques et romantiques de Peter Callesen, les villes imaginaires de Batrice Coron, les villes gomtriques aux difices perfors de Stphanie Beck et les faades urbaines de Mathilde Nivet.

Lexposition Architecture de Papier se droulera la Cit de larchitecture et du patrimoine du 11 octobre 2012 au 17 mars 2013, 1 Place du Trocadro Paris 16e.

Originally posted 2012-07-14 13:46:38.

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